The movements against unnecessary imposed mega-projects met in Stuttgart during the 3rd European Forum from July 25 to 29, 2013.

The participants re-stated the claims of prior declarations:

  • the 2010 Hendaye Charter;
  • the final declaration of the 2nd Forum of Notre-Dame-Des-Landes in 2012;
  • the final declaration of the European Social Forum in Florence in 2012;
  • the Tunis Charter drafted during the World Social Forum in Tunis in March 2013.

During the discussions they identified at international level the same players, the same methods, the same uselessness for the public, the same repression, the same waste of public money in the interest of the few, the same future public debts, the same prevention of democratic debate and the same environmental devastation without any interest for the public.

They state that these mega-projects are contributing to the creation of a new financial bubble. The project bonds promoted by the EU create debt for the countries which use them. Furthermore, they set a vicious circle in motion which destroys economies and social structures.

At a time when the people are suffering, are affected by unemployment and poverty, and are called on to make increasingly great sacrifices, these projects are particularly appalling.

Putting an end to unnecessary mega-projects is therefore a common-sense measure, but also the right thing to do.

The participants of the Stuttgart Forum Against Unnecessary Imposed Mega-Projects demonstrated their in-depth knowledge of not only these projects but also the unnecessary mechanisms used to impose them.

They noted that their opposition is legitimate in all instances, since it is founded on a respect for the environment, a real understanding of risks through in-depth analyses of political and financial machinations, and a true acknowledgment of priorities and needs.

This legitimacy encourages the participants to intensify their joint action and implement the resources required to promote the international movement against unnecessary imposed mega-projects of any kind.

Within this context, they have decided to implement a permanent contact structure to coordinate opposition movements. They plan to set up a network of experts able to provide technical and specialist support, thereby improving access to information and analyses.

They have decided to strengthen links between the various opposition movements at national and international level, including those from other continents.

They assert that they will be involved in the debates during the next European elections, and call on all opposition movements, the entire political body and civil society to ensure all provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights are complied with. They call for the signing of the Implementation decrees of the Aarhus Convention.

As of today, they have decided to meet again for a 4th Forum Against Unnecessary Imposed Mega-Projects in 2014, May 1 to 4th in Rosia Montana, Romania. They invite all opposition movements to take part in this next forum to share their experiences, draw lessons from others, and foster opposition on all fronts as quickly as possible against “White elephants”, which have become the shared symbol of these struggles.

Stuttgart, 28th of July 2013