Panel discussions and workshops will run from Friday to Sunday from 10-12, 1-3 and 4-6 p.m There will be lunch breaks and lots of opportunities to exchange best practices and a chance to network. All work and no play? There will be time for laughter and fun during the evenings, with cultural and musical events.

10.00 a.m.

  • The economic reasons for Mega Projects - panel discussion
    The economic side of unnecessary mega projects: badly calculated, bottomless pits, financial catastrophies? Since these projects are so insistently persued by politics and economy, such explanations cannot satisfy. That construction enterprises, banks and corrupt politicans earn their money with mega projects – forget it. But maybe the mega projects are even necessary to keep up the accumulation of capital?
     with Elena Gerebizza, Christian Jooß and Tomasz Konicz
  • Kudankulam nuclear power plant and S21 –  Governance strategies. Workshop with Peter Moritz. Governance strategies in the fight against peaceful mass movements in Southern India and Stuttgart are surprisingly similar. The only thing that is missing is a Mr Geissler and a Mr Kretschmann. What brings the two movements together, what sets them apart, what lessons can be learned from each other?(videos, images, information and discussion)
  • The fight against mega projects – key to the immediate coal and nuclear phase-out. It is fossil energy which makes mega projects possible, and its recovering needs mega projects with disastrous impacts. We want to uncover the cycle of causes and effects of mega projects and start a debate on how to overcome it. Workshop with the attac working group “Energy, Climate and Environment”.
  • Anarchism: introduction to anarchism. A basic overview of currents, people etc. Reference examples: Where in our everyday life does anarchism already take place? Short presentation of anarcho-syndicalism and FAU.
  • Belgic mega projects – city highways, malls and fun parks - speech speaker: Antoine Struelens
  • Women against mega projects - speech and discussion
    Women often take a main role in resistance movements all over the world. With their resistance they contribute not least to a development of society. The political activism of women is, however, hardly covered by the media, reflected by science and passed on in the writing of history.
    With Yvonne P. Doderer


01.00 p.m.

  • Upheaval in Turkey. The Gezi-Park commune.  Presentation by Volkan Yaraşır (writer) - „20 days: that’s how long the ‘commune of Gezi-Park’ lasted. Now the square has been ‘cleared’“. But discussions are now taking place, every evening, in public places and parks. They talk about everything. They decide on activities. Men and women mingle. Nothing is as it once was in Turkey.
  • Fracking in the area of Lake Constance – Upper Swabia: risks, dangers, protest - speech
    speaker: Annamaria Waibel


04.00 p.m.

  • How do we go on?
    Closing event with reading of the final declaration


08.00 p.m.

MINOR MOVEMENT (ex-BrokenBase)








RUBY SHOCK - dirty, dusty, punk´n ´roll