To document the forum we collected material from the Pecha Kucha – the opening event at which initivatives taking part in the forum presented themselves with 20 slides -, feedback from the wall newspaper given by participants and those who offered workshops, speeches and presentations sent to us by speakers and those who offered workshops as well as the documented input of the final event which took place on Sunday, July 28th 2013.

Find the presentations of the Pecha Kucha here. If you want to publish the presentations on your own website, please get in contact with the authors before you do so.

Read an article on the risks of the new European financial instrument – Europe 2020 Project Bond – sent to us by Elena Gerebizza: Large infrastructure to overcome the crisis? The hidden risks of the Europe 2020 project bond initiative.

At the closing event we brought together workshop experiences and results. Find the photos of the moving walls on which we visualized our ideas here.